Production of egg pasta, whole wheat pasta, pasta with ancient grains

Pastificio Pagliaro

Pagliaro - PastaPiù

Ours is a family business of just four people: Andrea Pagliaro, his wife Aurora and their children Federica and Leonardo.

We come from an egg farm which was founded in 1961. Over time, the company has developed into an artisanal pasta maker specialized in the
production and sale of artisanal pastaegg pasta (Italian eggs produced in accordance with all safety laws), whole wheat pasta and pasta with ancient grains.

For 20 years we have been offering the unique quality of pasta made using artisanal techniques and high-quality raw materials. The flours we use are entirely produced and milled in Italy using artisanal and natural methods. The product is 100% MADE IN ITALY.


We produce pasta using the traditional bronze drawing method, which allows us to guarantee a high quality product. Drying over 24h, at low temperature (40 degree maximum).


Production and sale of artisanal egg pasta for restaurants, companies, supermarkets, wine shops and others. Tagliatelle, tagliolini, fettuccine, fettucce, pappardelle, pasta for soups, etc.


We propose whole wheat pasta with the brand Terre di Ocriculum. Tagliatelle and fettuccine whole wheat egg pasta. The durum wheat semolina used are made from grains produced between Umbria and Upper Lazio.


We make artisanal pasta with ancient grains grown from sustainable cultivation. Fettuccine and egg tagliatelle are made with the grain of the latest harvest and stone ground.


Pagliaro Service produces egg pasta and semolina pasta with the best grains. We sell pasta to various types of customers, shops, supermarkets, restaurants... Contact us for requests and info


Our catalogue offers tagliatelle, tagliolini, fettuccine, fettucce, pappardelle, quadrucci soup pasta, scratched pasta, strangozzi or manfricoli, whole wheat pasta, pasta with ancient grains.

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